Ukraine Seafarer’s Pre Employment Medical Scheme (PEME)

Ukraine Seafarer’s Pre Employment Medical Scheme
Lodestar is actively working to develop loss prevention initiatives. An area of concern is that of Pre Employment Medicals (PEMEs).
Manning agents have a wide range of practices with regard to seafarers’ medical fitness. Whilst all seafarers must meet basic fitness requirements as required by the national law and STCW / MLC 2006, there is often little or no general oversight as to which medical facilities are used. Some facilities provide quality medical exams; others simply provide the minimum examinations as required by the legislation and it has been widely reported that some clinics may turn a blind eye to obvious deficiencies with a seafarers medical and declare the seafarer to be fit when he clearly is not.
In a recent case we have been made aware of a seafarer with a highly suspect PEME was employed by an owner. Within weeks of joining the seafarer had suffered a major illness which resulted in him being taken from the vessel by helicopter and hospitalised in Central America. After a long period in hospital he was returned to his home in Ukraine via an aero-medical flight. Total cost in the case exceeded US$300,000 and would have been avoided if the seafarer’s serious problems were identified during his PEME.
The advantage to shipowners is clear – whilst genuine cases of illness will still arise on board those case where a pre existing condition has resulted in a large claim can be reduced – this will assist owners with the benefit of not incurring a deductible, not having the loss on their P&I record and not having to find a new crewmember to replace the sick one.
Lodestar has identified Ukraine as being a major seafaring nation and also a country where some clinics are not providing shipowners with reliable PEME’s.
Odessa is the primary location for shipping in the Ukraine where approximately 120 manning agents are thought to operate.
To overcome this problem and to provide owners with a choice of high quality facilities, Lodestar has identified a number of medical screening clinics in Ukraine (Odessa & Mariupol).
The criteria for the clinics we have selected possess the identified requirements of:
Professional skills Suitable medical equipment Track record of handling large numbers of seafarers including records storage. Acceptable IT infrastructure Ability to provide STCW / MLC PEMEs Accreditation by foreign Governments and P & I facilities
Lodestar has created a PEME form which will be available for use only by its accredited facilities. The use of individually numbered holographic stamps will ensure that any fraudulent and /or unauthorised PEMEs will be instantly recognised.
We would urge owners to instruct their manning agents to only send them seafarers who have undergone and passed a medical from one of Lodestar’s approved clinics.
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