In April 2019 Lodestar moved to its new offices at 62 Cornhill in London. Lodestar is now part of RSG Underwriting Managers Europe Limited.

Together with USA based SafeWaters, and Trident, Lodestar provides the RSG Marine specialty underwriting services (https://ryansg.com/company/rsgum/).

Charles Dymoke and John Hearn lead a dynamic Underwriting Team with the experienced hands of Tim Lection looking after claims matters, supported by Smoothwaters (https://smoothwatersmarine.com/).

Lodestar enjoys the cooperation with its new partner Aspen Insurance writing business via an extensive network of distribution partners following the concept of “global reach local partners”.

The product offering is:

  • Fixed Premium P&I for small and specialist vessels up to 20,000 gross tons
  • Limit of liability up to USD 500,000,000
  • A-rated security
  • Ancillary covers including Specialist Operations, Contractual Liability, Extended Towage, War P&I, Legal Costs (FD&D), Salvors Liability and Charterers Liability
  • 24 hours claims assistance
  • Global Correspondent network
  • Blue cards covering oil pollution, removal of wreck, bunkers and MLC requirements


For more information visit www.lodestar-marine.com


RSA Claims

Effective 17 May 2019, Lodestar will cease claims handling for RSA. Lodestar will continue to service the existing policies covered by RSA until expiry of these policies and will support a smooth claims transition to RSA, assisting RSA with any queries.

Please direct all correspondence for new and existing claims on RSA policies to:

Email:                    lodestar.claims@uk.rsagroup.com      

Tel:                         During office Hours (UK 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri):
                               Claire Dawe                     Tel +44 (0) 20 7337 5389
                               Damien Murtagh              Tel +44 (0) 20 7337 5326     


Emergency:            RSA contract with Clyde & Co to provide an emergency outside of office hours service. 

                               Outside of office hours please contact:

For P&I TP / cargo claims / legal services etc:   

Stephen Mackin        +44 (0)7711 414981         stephen.mackin@clydeco.com                                                                

Jessica Maitra           +44 (0)7786 837582         jessica.maitra@clydeco.com

For maritime casualty (wreck, pollution, collision etc):      

Martin Hall                +44 (0)7919 692120         martin.hall@clydeco.com

David Handley          +44 (0)7881 847660         david.handley@clydeco.com

For crew & TP injury:                                                                         

Rob Muttock             +44 (0)7825 892222         robert.muttock@clydeco.com

Mike Farrell               +44 (0)7932 853481         mike.farrell@clydeco.com





Claims in relation to any Aspen policies underwritten from 1st January 2019 are handled by Lodestar, as usual.

For information:

John Hearn (telephone +44 (0) 203 912 6678) john.hearn@lodestar-marine.com               

Charles Dymoke (telephone +44 (0) 203 912 6674) Charles.dymoke@lodestar-marine.com